This charity project, The Thai Blind Massage Institute, was opened in 1999 by Khun Sayan. He spent 4 years in the monkhood (from 13 to 17 years of age), which instilled within him kindness and social awareness.


With this idea in mind, he approached his friend, Mr. Henri, to sponsor the Thai Blind Massage Institute, and within 2 months of hard work, 6 units in the Jomtien Complex Condotel were transformed into the institute.


The blind have all received thorough training in Chiang Mai and all have certificates showing they have successfully completed at least 300 hours of massage education and training.


Many also have years of professional experience, so you will receive the highest quality real Thai Massage that Thailand has to offer.


You are always welcome at TMBI!


Phone 038 251 851 for an apppointment